How Much Does a Pool Enclosure Cost?

Aside from learning about how much retractable pool enclosures cost, it is crucial that you get the size fitted to your pool. The typical prices of these enclosures range from £500 to £700 per square meter. The total cost will depend on the pool’s size, wind load, configuration, layout, and other design elements included.

As the pool owner, you must relay all these critical factors to the company handling the retractable pool cover project. This way, you will get the product suited to your requirements.

The Importance of a Swimming Pool Enclosure

swimming pool enclosure is an architectural product or a building edifice meant to provide protection to the pool and deck area. It makes your life easier because you wouldn’t need to clean the pool often to get rid of debris.

Whether you have an outdoor or indoor swimming pool, you can have a cover installed. However, it is best to get professional services for the task since it has to meet building codes and would require a solid foundation to be built.

Each location needs to have stamped engineering drawings submitted to the city or local town’s office to meet the requirements. The process is required to obtain approval for a building permit before installation. This way, the project will surely be safe and meets the necessary wind and snow load requirements.

Determining the Retractable Pool Enclosures Cost

Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosure Open UK
Retractable Pool Enclosure Open

How do companies determine the price for a retractable pool cover? Here are the top factors in estimating the total pool enclosure cost:


The pool enclosure cost will depend on the design – will it be attached to an existing structure, or will it be a freestanding enclosure?

In cases when there is an existing structure, the installers need to adjust the attachment depending on the height and interface of the structure. This may require a lower cost than a freestanding enclosure, especially when it is not necessary to have a wall section. However, you may need to shell out more money if a housing interface is required.


This is the basis of the total retractable pool enclosures cost. Typically, the bigger the size of the enclosure, the lower its price per square meter is going to be. However, the overall cost for big-sized enclosures will still be higher since they will require more construction materials and a longer time to install.

Retractable or fixed?

What’s the difference between retractable and fixed pool enclosures, and which type would cost higher?

Fixed pool enclosure

A fixed pool enclosure is more cost-effective since you can no longer move it once installed. To provide the area with shady spaces that are especially helpful in summer, you can add sliding doors, windows, or bi-fold doors to the enclosure.

Retractable pool enclosure

On the other hand, a retractable pool enclosure can be moved. It is more complex, which explains the higher costs you need to allocate if you prefer this type. Retractable pool enclosures are also called telescopic pool enclosures.

They have moving and fixed sections. During warmer months, you can open the moving parts to uncover the deck and pool areas. These moving parts, called bays, can be under each one or slid over. The bays can give you an outdoor or indoor pool effect when you close or open the enclosure.

These bays can be moved manually, and they typically require two people to open the enclosure, which will take around 10 minutes or less.

However, this might be too taxing for some pool owners. In this case, you can request telescopic pool enclosures with an electric drive system. This way, you no longer need to open or close it yourself since it will automatically open or close whenever required.

Framing materials

The pool enclosure price is also influenced by the structural framing materials used. They can range from aluminum, steel, and wood.

Among these materials, aluminum has proven to be the most durable. It does not corrode even when used in an indoor swimming pool setting. It also doesn’t rust even when exposed to frequent moisture.

For enclosures made from steel or wood, you need to have an HVAC system installed due to the high humidity created by the pool’s water evaporation. They also require regular maintenance if you want them to last. If you have an enclosure made of steel or wood, you have to add the price of an HVAC construction and the electricity it requires to run to the total pool enclosure cost.


The glazing covering the enclosures can be made of laminated glass, tempered glass, polycarbonate, or acrylic.

Among these materials, the most cost-effective are polycarbonate and acrylic. They are also sturdier and will last longer than glass. However, condensation may be more visible when the temperatures outside are cooler than in glazing made from glass.

If you prefer glass, it is recommended to use laminated or tempered for safety reasons. Glass is heavy, so make sure that you avoid hitting it with pool equipment or the pool skimmer pole to lower the risk of the glass breaking and causing accidents.

Wind and snow loads

You have to get your pool’s construction assessed by an engineer to determine the wind and snow loads in the area. The pool enclosure design must follow the wind and snow loads you typically get in the place where the pool is. This will ensure the product will last long and you will get the worth of the total pool enclosure cost.

The rule here is that the higher the wind and snow loads, the bigger framing and larger structural members you will need for the enclosure. While they will add to the product’s final price, you will be assured that it can withstand any weather and will last.

Pool Enclosure Lean-to closed UK

Final Calculations – How Much Will the Project Cost?

Considering all the factors above, it is safe to estimate the average pool enclosure price ranging from £500 to £700 per square meter; plus, you also have to add to the total installation cost, site preparation, shipping, and applicable taxes.

Have you decided which kind of pool enclosure you need? If you have, you can get in touch with us for more details and a more accurate estimate when it comes to pricing.

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The Advantages of Pool Enclosures Your Neighbors Are Talking About


If you have a backyard pool and you still find yourself frequently bored, that’s a sign you haven’t heard about the advantages of pool enclosures you’re about to read!

We all know that people install swimming pools in their backyard just because they like swimming. Aside from the obvious health benefits, they’re after the fun and relaxation swimming pools offer.

Just laying out at the poolside is one of the best things to do. Imagine listening to a relaxing poolside playlist while reaching out for your refreshing beverage and snacks nearby. Isn’t that satisfying? How much more if you have access to that enjoyment anytime you want?

Discover The Advantages of Pool Enclosures

  • It provides an all-year-round fun experience for the family.

Whether it’s winter or summer, pool enclosures always make it a good time for swimming. Because pool cages filter the sun and retain heat, you and your family wouldn’t be worrying about UV skin damages or extreme cold while swimming.

Without restrictions, the kids can go on pretending to be deep-sea divers while you lounge with a good book at the poolside, and the other adults exchange funny stories over a glass of wine.

  • It makes your swimming pool your temporary gym.

Because you can use the swimming pool any time of the day for as long as you want (thanks to pool enclosures), you might as well swim for the sake of your physical health.

Swimming is a great total body workout! Swimming does not only exercise your legs but also engages your upper body and core.

Would you believe that swimming for an hour is as good as an hour of running? Like running, swimming boosts your heart rate and strengthens and tones your upper and lower body muscles.

  • It beautifies your swimming pool.

Make your swimming pool your unique sanctuary by installing stylish yet functional pool enclosures. Pool enclosures come in different types and designs you can choose depending on your taste.

For example, if you want to add appeal to your house architecture, a Lean-to pool enclosure that can be opened and closed is highly recommended. An enclosure with a traditional design also looks best if you already have a waterfall in place. Make sure to install the enclosure in a way that the waterfall adds beauty to the columns.

Moreover, decorating your pool enclosures has no limits. Small palms and cycads (like sago palm) work great if you want to bring a tropical look to your pool. Not only that, building LED lighting in your pool screen enclosure can put more life and drama into your swimming pool.

Large Pool Enclosure UK
Large Pool Enclosure
  • It makes your pool a safe, fun place for your children.

One of the most significant benefits of a pool enclosure is that you can manage who enters your pool. Peace of mind is priceless! You can rest your mind that your little ones are safe and would not incur fall accidents with or without an adult looking.

Also, animals like rodents or snakes will not be able to enter your pool. You wouldn’t wish these unwanted visitors to sabotage the tidiness and sanitation of the pool area.

  • It helps you reduce your pool maintenance cost.

With your pool enclosed, you will save on heating costs. The roof of swimming pool enclosures comprises polycarbonate panels that trap solar energy like a greenhouse.

They act as insulators wherein the heat is retained, making your pool area warm. With that, you can delay turning the heater on the following day.

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  • It makes your pool cleaning less often.

Among the most known advantage of pool enclosure is it acts as a barrier between the swimming pool and the external environment. It keeps your pool free from debris, twigs, leaves, insects, and animals, so you can spend more time swimming rather than cleaning your swimming pool.

When building your pool enclosures with aluminum framing, polycarbonate-paneled roof, and acrylic-glazed walls these components work hand in hand to increase your pool enclosures’ resistance to moisture, color change, chalking, etc., so you wouldn’t have to worry about being so hooked on maintaining your pool’s cleanliness.

  • It lessens your use of chemical irritants.

By far, chlorine is the most common chemical used to treat swimming pool water. It prevents algae and bacterial growth.

With swimming pool enclosures, you can reduce your exposure to necessary chemicals like such. Since pool cages prevent the entrance of dirt to your pool, your pool water stays balanced. As a result, you don’t have to adjust or stabilize the pH of your pool water repeatedly.

Bottom line: Pool enclosures are more of an investment than an expense. With all the practical advantages of pool enclosures to the countless memories you can create in your swimming pool, leave no doubt because pool enclosures are worth it.