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RETRACTABLE Pool Enclosures

Our patented patio and pool enclosures are clean, light weight structures designed forcomfort and ease. They are the most modern, state of the art architectural products of their kind. We believe you should able to enjoy the benefits of your outdoor oasis whatever the weather, and without any of the hussles! Our enclosures offer protection from harmful UV rays, insects such as wasps and mosquitoes and other inclement whether conditions such a rain, wind and snow. In addition to our unique design which ensures durability and longevity, our patented drive system allows you to open your enclosure with the push of a button!

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Automated Retractable Pool Enclosures
Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosure Open UK

Our retractable pool enclosures operate on a patented automatic drive system. With the push of a button, the motors engage and the structure moves along the tracks. The structure is divided into bays that move one at a time and sit at the back of the tracks until the enclosure is ready to be closed again. Our drive system allows you to open the enclosure a little bit, a lot, or all the way! Simply release the button and the enclosure will come to a smooth stop.

PATIO Enclosures
Fixed Pool Enclosure UK

Our fixed pool enclosures are designed and manufactured just like our retractable pool enclosures. However, fixed enclosures don’t move on tracks or include move-able bays and provide a sleek, streamline profile. Our durable framing system provides exceptional structural integrity and gives our enclosures a modern and impressive appearance. Like our retractable enclosures, fixed enclosures can be used to enclose pools, patios or any outdoor space.


About Our POOL Enclosures

Durable and Weather-Proof

Durability and longevity is our top priority. Our enclosures were originally built for Canadian winters and, unlike other enclosures, are capable of supporting heavy snow loads without the need for constant snow removal. Our enclosures have also been designed and installed in wind-heavy areas and states that are vulnerable to tornado and hurricane activity. Unlike most pool enclosures, our products are built to withstand the worst weather and the toughest load requirements while complying with local buildingcodes anywhere in North America.

Custom Design

Our custom-designed pool enclosures give our clients access to endless possibilities. We believe in the freedom to choose the type of enclosure that best suits your needs and design goals. Each enclosure is custom-made for each project and its site conditions. Our enclosures are completely customizable and can made fixed or retractable, freestanding (completely independent of any other structure) or lean-to (attached to the side of a house or a building). In addition to the type of enclosure, our clients can choose between extensive paint colours and framing finishes that correspond with their style. You can even have windows and doors installed in the location of your choice.

Built to Last

Our enclosures have been specifically engineered and designed for the swimming pool environment. Our enclosures are built using synthetic weather seals and stainless steel hardware in order to create a structure that is impervious to harsh humidity and indoor pool conditions. Pool enclosures are not like typical indoor pools; no rust, rot, mould or corrosion will develop. The paint finish, glazing materials and framing system are guaranteed 10 and 20 years respectively.

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Smooth & Sleek Appearance

Our pool enclosures are made of lightweight aluminum extrusions, clear acrylic wall panels and polycarbonate roof panels. Unlike other large pool enclosures, our enclosures don’t require any cross bracing or doubling up on supports that might alter the structure’s sleek, smooth and impressive appearance. This allows for a clear and unobstructed view, open or closed. We continue to use our engineering expertise to ensure stunning architectural appeal and unsurpassed structural integrity.

Fully Retractable

If you’re looking for an indoor-outdoor retreat, you may want to invest in a retractable enclosure. At CIP, we believe in innovation and adaption. That’s why we’ve created the only pool enclosure that opens and closes with the push of a button. No other re-tractable pool enclosure can open and close with the ease and simplicity of our pool enclosures. While other enclosures may provide an indoor-outdoor living experience, pushing and pulling isn’t ideal. To fully experience the freedom and flexibility without the hassle, we offer automated retractable pool enclosures that effortlessly open and close without the need for any manual labour.

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Benefits – Pool Enclosures
  • Protection form UV rays
  • Protection from mosquitoes or wasps
  • Protection from rain, wind or snow
  • Extended living space
  • Swimming and entertaining all year round
  • No need to remove snow from the roof
  • No need for constant cleaning
  • No closing and re-opening the pool for winter
  • Reduce the cost to heat your pool
  • Weather-proof plans
Retractable Pool Enclosures
  • Hands-free mobility: no pushing or pulling required
  • No bolts or anchors required to secure bays
  • Weather-proof seals between bays
  • Durable track system
  • Effective safety features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Our clients have no problem walking in the enclosure without feeling cramped. All our pool enclosures are custom design. We consider the space claim, pool deck and surrounding area to meet all your needs.
Usually, an enclosure is used for patios, hot tubs, spa pools, and swimming pools. It protects your covered area from pesky bugs and dust. It also helps you manage the temperature of your pool by providing a cover to make it an indoor pool. By connecting an outdoor enclosure to your home, you can directly access your pool in the winter months making it an indoor enclosure.
Yes, it can. We can custom design a retractable enclosure for your existing swimming pool, patio, hot tub, etc. Get in touch with our experts and discuss your needs. Get their expert advice.
Here are some of the major benefits of installing our enclosure on your property. Our enclosures: Reduce the maintenance time and costs for your pool Extend the service life of your pool and accessories Allow you to use your pool/patio area during all seasons Provide the warmth of the sun while protecting you from the harmful effects of UV rays Help you maintain the temperature of the pool water Protect you from irritating bugs and insects Act as a safety barrier for your kids and pets For more information, please call 0113 868 1468 or contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.