How to Use Barbells, Beach Balls, and Pool Noodles to Workout in Your Pool

I’m sure we all love a good workout, especially at the pool where it feels cooler and less strenuous on the body! What’s great is that you can still get your strength and cardio in the pool just as how you can on land with the proper equipment. From water barbells to aqua noodle exercises, there are many useful pieces of equipment you can use to burn calories.

But the question is – How do you use them properly? Read on as we share the benefits of pool exercises, along with how to use barbells, beach balls, and pool noodles to workout in your pool!


How to Use Barbells, Beach Balls, and Pool Noodles to Workout in Your Pool

Pool Noodles to Workout in Your Pool

Before we talk about using a pool noodle barbell or aqua aerobics exercises with noodle, let’s first learn about the wonders of aquatic workouts. And no, we aren’t only limited to swimming laps!

Workouts like water barbell exercises are extremely helpful because:

  • They provide resistance, thus strengthening your muscles while boosting cardio intensity.
  • Water supports some of the body weight, so workouts become easier on your joints. This is a good thing as it lessens the risk of injury, especially for those who are out-of-shape or overweight.
  • You can achieve better agility, balance, and endurance from consistent aqua exercises. It helps you lose weight and build muscle as well, giving you a confidence boost.
  • People have gotten relief from symptoms of chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Aqua exercises can also help with recovery time for those with joint injuries, infections, or those who just had surgery.
  • It’s fun! After all, you’re in the cool waters under the sun, so it won’t feel like strenuous exercise but a fun day out in the pool.

Now that you know about the benefits aqua exercises offer, the next question is how to start. Other than swimming laps, you should also learn how to use barbells, beach balls, and pool noodles to workout in your pool. With excellent equipment like water aerobics barbells existing, building muscle has been made much easier!

Without further ado, here are some tips to get started:


Barbell Bicep Curls

While you will be more buoyant in water, your pool noodle barbell won’t be. When using a pool noodle barbell in the pool, you’ll benefit from the pool of gravity while getting more resistance from the water.

To use your water-resistance barbells properly, be in shoulder-deep water. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart as you hold the bar with palms up. Move the pool noodle barbell from the chest to the thighs, then bring it back up. As you do this, you should use your full range of motion as the bar is in the water.

Do this movement for five sets of ten reps, increasing your reps after every week or so. Make sure you invest in water barbells that can challenge you without resulting in excessive strain. Too much strain can lead to accidents and injuries.


Pool Noodles to Workout in Your Pool: Crunches

If you’re looking for aqua noodle exercises, this is it! Make sure your arms are out wide and parallel to the pool, resting on your pool noodle barbell. Then, pull your knees up to the chest. Engage your core, then return to your starting position. It’s that simple!

Crunches are an excellent dryland workout that helps strengthen your core. In the water, you will need to stabilize your body further, allowing you to work even more muscle groups other than your abs.

Like pool noodle barbell bicep curls, go for five sets of ten reps. If you find balancing yourself to be a bit challenging, start doing these crunches at the side of the pool instead of using a pool noodle barbell for more support. As you get used to the movement, you can move on to the middle of the water with a pool noodle barbell.


Lateral Raises

Besides water barbell exercises, you can also use dumbbells and kettlebells for your next workout!

Use either two dumbbells or kettlebells for this set. The starting position should be with your feet shoulder-width apart in shoulder-deep water, holding your weights. Then, raise your weights from the side up to shoulder height. Return to your starting position and repeat, going for slow, smooth, and continuous movements.

Go for five sets of ten reps, Prioritize proper posture throughout your exercise to truly strengthen your muscles and prevent injuries.


Beach Ball Rolls

You can use your beach ball not just for fun and games, but for exercise as well! Using your beach ball or any other floating ball, clutch it to your chest. Your face should be in the water with your body extended in a line, parallel to the pool bottom.

Rotate 360 degrees, just as if you are rolling over in bed, then go back to your starting position. Don’t worry, you’ll roll back up! Repeat this for five reps in one direction, then do it again in the other direction. Just make sure you are breathing and that you exhale through your nose when rolling to avoid taking on water!


Pool Noodles to Workout in Your Pool: Wrapping It Up

Pool Noodles to Workout in Your Pool

While we know that swimming laps can definitely help build and tone muscles, there are so many different exercises you can do in your pool. Swimming floating barbells, noodle aqua exercises, beach balls… The options are limitless!

With all that said, the first thing you must do is learn how to use this equipment properly. Once you do, you can get started with your fitness journey.

Hopefully, this article on how to use barbells, beach balls, and pool noodles to workout in your pool helped you out. Now that you know more about these pieces of equipment, go ahead and start building some muscle now!

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